What We Do

Wellspring offers a variety of options to it’s clients to provide comprehensive services both in person and by virtual media. ┬áBeing there in person isn’t always possible, but with the help of a variety of online tools and virtual platforms, we have been able to serve our clients no matter where they may be… in the office, at home, in the field or in the car…

Our work with individuals addresses areas of trauma, anxiety, depression, adjustment to life changing events, relationship challenges and conflicts, life mapping, and personal development. Individuals who engage Wellspring will find our 30+ years of experience a secure and stabilizing environment in which to experience personal growth and goal achievement.

Couples seek our support in navigating interpersonal challenges and conflicts that emerge from infidelity, life events, parenting, blending families, first and second marriages, addictions, and those seeking to deepen their intimacy before, during or beyond the stage and age of parenting.

We offer our business clients a broad range of engagement opportunities including executive coaching, talent assessment and selection as well as strategic and succession planning. Our experience with small and midsize companies has allowed us to provide support to struggling partnerships through mediation, conflict resolution and effective communication strategies.

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