Seeds of Change

The unimaginable has happened… as the global pandemic spread and we watched the news from afar, it became our news and our struggle, impacting so much of what we have known, depended upon, considered safe and relied on as unchangeable. The unimaginable hit us all… This pandemic, this virus doesn’t discriminate between the many things that distinguish us or set us apart from another… instead, it chooses it’s victims without bias… not color or race or religion, height or weight, wealth or poverty… we find ourselves all fighting the same unseen enemy. To the many heroes out there, we give our thanks and gratitude for their sacrifice and dedication to caring for the sick, stocking the shelves, feeding the hungry or simply being the smile that encourages a lonely heart. These are times of unprecedented tension for all of us… tension that produces a heightened sense of insecurity and fear of the unknown…of what is to come… As human beings, we have a survival instinct that naturally seeks to overcome and find a viable solution to thrive. This fear can also immobilize us, creating an apathy and leaving our creative ability to thrive in a dark abyss… It’s not unusual to find ourselves in either one of these places.

Tension in itself is not a bad thing. Tension actually becomes a platform for change. All of us are now standing on a very new platform facing an unknown horizon. A new normal has to set in as what has been is not what will be… this is uncomfortable…scary…uncertain, yet we must embrace the courage to step forward to discover the possibilities and the power we have within us to succeed and overcome.

So let’s step into this together as a nation…as a community…as families… we are not alone in this and there is a way through it all. If you are feeling overwhelmed, anxious, confused or evening grieving, take a moment first to validate what is real. Validation is something that the human mind needs to find grounded balance. Though something might be scary and overwhelming, the validation and acceptance of what is, tends to stabilize and free the mind to focus in the present rather than being consumed by what we fear ‘might be’. Stay connected and present with those close to you. Assess what resources you do have in the present rather than focusing on what you don’t have or what may have been lost thus far. This is an enemy that has taken so much and will continue to take, so focus on what you have in the present that can be useful in setting the stage for your next steps. Plan to thrive! Give yourself room to look at things differently… to see things from different perspectives… to approach solutions with a different narrative… take notes, write down your thoughts and observations, share them… we call this brainstorming. It brings out the best in us.

In the coming days and weeks we will all be faced with challenges and decisions to be made socially, financially and economically. We find ourselves, here at Wellspring, in the same position. A small business rediscovering a new path through an unpredictable future… looking for new seeds of change that will take root and grow into a thriving future. Step into this unprecedented time with us as we remain committed to our clients and the support they have come to trust for the last 30+ years.

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